The 100 Rads

The 100 Rads


This blog is where you'll find news and updates concerning the Zone Survival Guide - Shadow of Chernobyl and the Zone Survival Guide - Call of Pripyat.

Competition time - update!

Zone Survival GuidePosted by Dawnrazor Aug 21, 2010 13:15:26

Just a small update regarding the competition... when you send in your suggestions, please state your name as well so I know how to "refer" to you in case you win. It doesn't have to be your real name, so if you frequest forums you can use your "display name", clan name, or whatever...

Also, I will return a "receipt e-mail" when you send in a suggestion so you know that I've received your e-mail. If you don't receive such a "receipt" within a day or two after submitting your suggestion(s), please send them again or get in touch with me.

That's all... keep the suggestions coming! Thank you :)