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Interactive maps

Zone Survival GuidePosted by Dawnrazor Jul 15, 2010 14:31:20

A new feature that is being added to the Zone Survival Guide is interactive maps. Well, technically it's not really a new feature since I began working on it back in 2008, but because it was never made public I guess you can call it new. Kind of. And while I'm nitpicking, I guess the name "interactive maps" is not really precise since there's not much you can actually do with the maps besides exploring them... perhaps "dynamic maps" or "detailed maps" would be more appropriate; but alas, I've settled on a name and for now I'm sticking with that.
The interactive maps allow you to explore key areas of all the different regions in S.T.A.L.K.E.R., such as Cordon and Garbage. They currently hold information about factions, enemies, mutants, stashes, items in the open (stuff just waiting to be picked up), missions, and general information that is not covered by the previous categories.

I guess my vision is for these maps to include as much information as possible. Unlike many of the other pages on the ZSG, the maps are not dedicated to one type of information and can thus be expanded to include all kinds of useful things - locations of unique armors and weapons, targets of optional missions, where to find traders, etc. To speed up the process of creating the maps and adding information to them in particular, I've developed a small tool I call the "STALKER Map Editor".

While the tool was intended for creating the interactive maps, the "technology" behind the tool and the maps is actually pretty generic so perhaps I'll find other uses for it. I would love to make the tool available sometime, but at the moment it's kind of a single-user application; it saves each map as a separate file and there is no easy way to merge two maps or work collaboratively on a single map. But the thought of it is pretty cool, and it would open up for the possibility of all of you seasoned stalkers contributing to the ZSG in a neat way... but I guess that's for another time and place.

Anyways, while there is still alot of work to be done on them I hope that you'll find the new interactive maps useful and perhaps even interesting. If you have any ideas or suggestions for new features or other ways to improve the maps please leave a comment or send me an e-mail. Cheers!

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Posted by Dawnrazor Jul 16, 2010 14:11:59

Thanks, I'm glad you like the new maps. The old stashes and "items in the open" pages were a hassle to keep updated, especially since I had to create a new version of their respective maps each time a new stash or item was added. They have now been replaced by the interactive maps, and so far I think they're working pretty well... they just need to be expanded with more information I guess - hopefully I can release a "community version" of the tool or something, that would allow everyone to submit stuff to the maps... that would be neat, and really helpful as well. And speaking of the tool, I simply made it because it makes creating the maps and adding information to them a whole lot easier... so dedication perhaps, but just as much laziness ;)

Posted by Romulous Jul 16, 2010 12:19:04

The maps are a nice addition Dawn :) I remember seeing this type of map somewhere before - I can't remember where now though, whether it was a website for a game or inside a game itself or wherever - and I recall thinking how cool it was. I still think the same now that it has been added to the ZSG, and to have to write your own tool to do it - well, that is dedication! :)