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This blog is where you'll find news and updates concerning the Zone Survival Guide - Shadow of Chernobyl and the Zone Survival Guide - Call of Pripyat.

It's back... so what now?

Zone Survival GuidePosted by Dawnrazor Jul 15, 2010 23:40:18

Wow, what a tremendous relief. The Zone Survival Guide just went back online at and it feels good. In fact, I think my brain just released a dozen different chemicals into my body; or perhaps I'm feeling the influence of the Brain Scorcher. Hmm, I sure could go for some brains right now!

Ok, time for me to get a grip. As you may know, the ZSG went offline earlier this year as described in a previous post; I had pretty much let it go by then, but after LoboTheMan got in touch with me, I must admit that I have been anxious about getting the Guide back online. The last week or so has been busy in many ways, so finally seeing the site up and running again sure does feel good.

But it does spark some questions. What now? Where should the ZSG move from here, and what should the focus be? How about starting two more sites for Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat?

Well, to be honest, I'm not sure right now. I think I need to let the chemicals wear off before I do too much thinking, or before I go "New project" in my website editor for that matter.

But I guess I could ask you those questions. What should the Zone Survival Guide be like? What would you like to see?

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Posted by Dawnrazor Jul 17, 2010 10:30:14

That sounds really helpful, Mark. I'm playing through SoC again myself, and taking notes of any differences and updating the ZSG here and there. I'm still to do armor and weapon comparisons, for example, so there is alot of work to do. If you (or anyone, for that matter) would do something similar that could probably save me much time.

Creating a guide for Call of Pripyat sounds very appealing, but I think it feels about the same when you stand at the foot of Mount Everest; there's a long way to the top and you know the way there is filled with all kinds of hazards :)

Posted by Mark (AKA: LoboTheMan) Jul 17, 2010 00:23:14

A guide for CS should not take long. Just like in The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, earth is summoned up in one short sentence: Mostly harmless.

We could use that for CS, the game exists , but is mostly harmless ;-)

On a more serious note, depending on how much storage it would take to host a guide for COP, it would be nice to have one, I am not desperately needing one, the game is good but fairly short.

I would prefer to update ZSG first to match ver. 1.0005/1.0006.
Thomas/Dawnrazor, would not have to do it himself, we as a community could help, and post/email what needs to be updated or corrected. Then he could, at his own pace, update it.
I have 3 weeks of summer-holiday now, so I will read through the guide and make notes if there is something that has to be updated :)
But this is all up to Thomas :)

Posted by Dawnrazor Jul 16, 2010 14:18:42

Well, as I've hinted before, creating a new site for Clear Sky or Call of Pripyat would take alot of effort, but Dimitroff you are absolutely right that if GSC continues with the STALKER series the ZSG should probably move along with them. Personally though I doubt that I'd want to start off with Clear Sky since I didn't really enjoy that particular game that much; I really liked CoP though, so that's probably where I'd start...

About the version... well, I think the ZSG should only cover the official version(s) of the game, so if the 1.0006 patch was recalled, then the current version is 1.0005; I think that makes the most sense. And I'll have to look into the differences a bit more closely, to see if armor values for example have changed - it's something that I have assumed so far they wouldn't.

Posted by Romulous Jul 16, 2010 12:06:49

I think additions for CS and CoP are important, yes. The one other thing I can think of right at the moment (prompted by a question in the ZSG resurrection thread over at GSC) is to update the content for the v1.0005/v1.0006 changes for SHOC (ZSG is based on v1.0004 I think?). Of course, 1.0006 was recalled by GSC, so should it even be considered? For me personally, that would mean a 'no' normally, but as some people are actually using it (it is still the latest patch listed on STALKER Files I think), maybe 'yes' is the answer in this case. Also, could the version of SHOC the ZSG is based on be noted on the site somewhere, maybe as a footnote on the front page or similar?

I wouldn't imagine there would be too many changes in things like the armour values and such from 1.0004 onwards, but I'm thinking about the best way to get this info. Taking each item on the ZSG one by one, and opening the relevant 1.0005/1.0006 LTX file would be too slow I think. Maybe just extract the files from the patches themselves, and see what files are included (if a file has been included, that implies it was changed)?

Posted by Dimitroff Jul 16, 2010 10:05:14

Yes, a guide for CoP (and possibly CS, although it isn't the most awfully liked and popular of the series) is definitely the direction to push the ZSG towards right now. It'll give the guide a sense of contemporariness and push it forward to be the premier stalker infosite on the net that brought a lot of us together in the first place, just like it was in the SoC days.

If GSC isn't stopping with S.T.A.L.K.E.R., why should we? They bring us the game, and people like Dawn are the ones that through their (no-less-than-heroic) efforts make it truly accessible for thousands of gamers.

Posted by Dawnrazor Jul 16, 2010 10:00:38

I guess it's the most natural way forward... the ZSG for Shadow of Chernobyl still has areas that could easily be expanded, but perhaps it is covered well enough for now, and, well, two new STALKER games has been released since ShOC came out. But just thinking about creating another ZSG, or two for that matter, seems like a daunting task.

Posted by Charcharo Jul 16, 2010 09:13:57

Yes thats great news! But I must say, the only way forward is to make a Clear Sky and CoP section.